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Data Submission DEADLINE 2023 UCCI Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey


January 4, 2023, Wednesday, is the final deadline for submitting county information for inclusion in the 2023 UCCI Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey.  With our online, user-friendly Survey Questionnaire you will find it fast and easy to submit your information. 

Email invitations to participate in the UCCI 2023 Salary Survey were sent to all county boards by Newport Group, Paige Brasili, which included a link to the online salary survey questionnaire. Any Board Office or County Clerk who has not received this email invitation should feel free to contact Ms. Brasili at or 312-488-6733, or Connie Golembeck at or 217-544-5585.

All counties participating in this survey will receive a complimentary print copy of the 2023 survey document to have readily available for reference when needed.  Distribution of the 2023 survey document is planned for the early part of March.