Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust



Providing Illinois Public Entities Effective Risk Management Programs since 1983 

Developed by United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) in 1983, and administered by Insurance Program Managers Group (IPMG), Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT) has grown to become one of the longest active insurance programs in Illinois for the property, casualty and workers’ compensation needs of Illinois public entities.  Our program provides insurance coverage, be they counties, townships, municipalities, school districts or other units of government.

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ICRMT UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE ... An added benefit for ICRMT members is unemployment insurance.  Members who have received quotes are seeing savings of up to 20%. 

Please view the following link for more information on unemployment insurance: ICRMT Unemployment Insurance Ad

Quoting is quick and simple.  To learn more, contact your agent or Kristen Tracy at or 630-485-5970.


The ICRMT Update is a publicized quarterly newsletter distributed by the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust to communicate relevant issues of importance to local officials and employees.

Access issues of The Update below

  June 2019 Volume 2
  February 2019/Volume 1 is available via this link

          Winter 2018 (Volume 4 )
          Fall 2017 (Volume 3)
          Summer 2017 (Volume 2)
          Spring 2017 (Volume 1)


Additional Seminars UCCI/ICRMT 2019 Schedule Now Available

As part of our goal to serve our members, and in response to many requests, UCCI in partnership with Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT) offers additional educational seminars to our members and all other counties and units of government who will benefit from these programs.

The past practice of making these programs available at no charge to attendees, be they member or non-member, continues.

As you will see from the 2019 Schedule, each of the three topics are being presented on three different dates and locations, giving you the opportunity to attend on a day or location that works best with your schedule.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jake Peterson at 630-203-5234 or

Click here for 2019 UCCI/ICRMT Seminar Schedule