2024 Dues Structure

 UCCI Membership is available to all counties in Illinois.  Member counties are entitled to receive all UCCI services and serve as voting members of the association.


In keeping with past practices, since 2005, it is anticipated that all county paid UCCI member dues for 2024 will be refunded in full.  The UCCI Executive Committee, at their November meeting, will review and vote on recommending whether that refund is the actual amount paid after various discounts are calculated, or if that refund is based upon the current dues schedule.

  • Counties participating in the ICRMT insurance program receive an 80% discount on UCCI dues.
  • Counties joining UCCI as a new member receive a 50% discount on first year dues.
  • There are no attendance/registration fees to participate in functions or educational seminars hosted by UCCI.
  • Member counties are paid an attendance stipend of $400 for every regularly scheduled UCCI membership meeting at which they have a representative attend and receive a mileage stipend to help offset travel costs.

Mileage stipend details: (1) one vehicle round-trip mileage paid at allowable federal mileage rate; (2) membership meeting mileage calculated from county seat to UCCI Springfield office; (3) annual conference meeting mileage calculated from county seat to annual conference location; (4) meeting/mileage reimbursement paid directly to member county on a quarterly basis.

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