Event Detail

Department of Labor Public Hearing on PLAW Act


The Department of Labor has announced plans to hold a November 29th public hearing on the proposed rulemaking titled Paid Leave for All Workers (PLAW) Act. This hearing concerns a proposed new part that implements the Paid Leave for All Workers Act which requires nearly all Illinois employers to provide workers with a minimum of 40 hours paid leave per 12-month period effective January 1, 2024.

The Wednesday afternoon hearing will be held in Springfield at 524 South Second Street, 4th Floor (Lincoln Tower) starting at 1:30 and concluding at 3:00.  

Persons wishing to testify at the hearing must register separately, and testimony will be limited to five minutes per person.  Online access is also available.

Further details can be found on Page 4 of The Flinn Report-November 13, 2023.