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Over 400 Local Governments Still Eligible to Receive Local CURE Funds


A reminder has been issued by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to all local governments eligible for the Local CURE Program to complete the necessary steps to seek allotted funds before Federal COVID-19 emergency relief funds expire.

According to DCEO, while the certification process has been initiated for all eligible units of government, and over 500 local government units across the state have received or are on pace to receive Local CURE payments, many cities and towns eligible to receive funds have yet to complete the certification process and submit anticipated costs to claim the reimbursement funds allowed under their Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) eligibility.

Those cities and towns on the list of local governments still eligible to receive Local CURE funds have until December 1st to submit to DCEO a survey indicating the anticipated use of allotted funds. Federal COVID-19 emergency relief funds expire December 30th. 

To learn more, including DCEO contact information, read the November 20, 2020 News Release.