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Call for Action by the National Association of Counties (NACo) to Address COVID-19 Pandemic


The National Association of Counties (NACo) is urging Congress and the White House to provide immediate relief to support COVID-19 response on the ground.
As congressional leaders and the White House negotiate the interim emergency coronavirus relief package, or the COVID-19 3.5 supplemental package, there is a need to ensure that county priorities are included, especially direct, immediate funding to counties of all sizes.

The COVID-19 "3.5 plan" offered by the congressional Democratic leadership is the best and only offer on the table for state and local governments right now. The plan would provide $150 billion in new funding for state and local governments, including $29.5 billion directly to all of America's counties to help cover expenditures and lost revenue.

In a report released April 17th, NACo found that the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to massive budgetary impacts for county governments and local taxpayers, with as much as $144 billion in lost revenue and increased expenditures through FY2021.

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