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Keeping Illinois 4th of July 2020 Celebrations Safe


Governor Pritzker and Dr. Ezike are cautioning businesses and residents against unsafe behaviors as we celebrate the holiday weekend.

We are seeing significant spikes in the positivity rate across the South, West, and Midwest in states that either never put in place stringent mitigation measures or lifted them too quickly. That has not been the case here in Illinois, where millions of residents and business owners have followed the public health guidance and brought down our positivity rate, hospitalizations, and deaths, allowing us to move into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan.

COVID-19 is still here, and with our economy more open now than it has been in months, it is more important than ever that Illinoisans follow public health guidance. Individuals crowding into bars and restaurants this weekend would be detrimental to keeping our positivity rate down, and as the Governor has said, he will not hesitate to put more stringent mitigations measures in place to protect Illinoisans, if our numbers start to rise.

We need your help here. For the vast majority of business owners in your communities who want to do the right thing, encourage them to follow the public health guidance that keeps people safe. For the small minority who are putting themselves and others at risk, our Illinois State Police, Liquor Control Commission, and Gaming Board are here as a resource, with various tools to help keep people safe, including warnings, cease and desist letters, and license suspension or revocation in cases of egregious violations.

Illinois is leading the way in our response to COVID-19 and our efforts to bring down our numbers. Let’s work together and continue moving forward.