Statewide Salary and Fringe Benefits Position Descriptions

  • Administrative Exempt
  • Administrative Non-Exempt
  • Public Works Non-Exempt
  • Sheriff's Police

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT – Assists in the administrative work in directing all activities of a local health department.

COUNTY ADMINSTRATOR – Responsible for developing and implementing ordinances, resolutions and policies as directed by the County Board. Responsible for budgetary, personnel and purchasing policies.

COUNTY COORDINATOR/ASSISTANT COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR – Responsible for technical and professional work in generating and completing complex analytical studies for the County Administrator, as well as providing administrative assistance. (Includes directing the County’s personnel program.)

DIRECTOR OF ANIMAL CONTROL – Receives information regarding animals creating nuisance situations. Apprehends and detains animals running at large. Operates rabies control program and investigates complaints.

DIRECTOR OF BUILDING AND ZONING – Plans, directs, supervises and coordinates all building and zoning functions. Supervises all Building and Zoning personnel.

DIRECTOR OF COURT SERVICES – Plans, directs, administers and supervises all phases of the Department of Court Services; coordinates systems and procedures instituted by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.

DIRECTOR OF DATA PROCESSING – Plans, directs, supervises and coordinates all technical functions of data entry operations and systems programming. Initiates, implements and regulates all technical methods and procedures and operating policies.

DIRECTOR OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT – Performs highly responsible administrative work in directing all activities of a local health department.

DIRECTOR OF NURSING HOME – Responsible for supervision of county nursing home and the associated staff.

DIRECTOR OF PARKS AND RECREATION – Responsible for all Parks and Recreation programs for the entire jurisdiction.

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION – Manages the transportation program from an administrative level that included financial, operational, and grant management. Ensures the fiscal health of the program, manages the operating budget and capital projects. Directly supervises all public transportation employees.

DIRECTOR OF PURCHASING – Responsible for maintaining centralized purchasing and inventory for the county.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR – Promotes economic growth for County by aggressively seeking new industrial growth, retention and expansion of existing industries and business growth. Supervises and coordinates the implementation of the Intergovernmental Agreement and the Illinois Enterprise Zone Act.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY COORDINATOR/DIRECTOR – Direct responsibility for the organization, administration, training and operation of the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency, subject to the direction and control of the principal executive officer of the political subdivision.

EMERGENCY SERVICES/9-1-1 COORDINATOR – Oversees the daily administration and operation of the county Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) and the county Enhanced 9-1-1 System and its related equipment. Works with the ETSB to implement and maintain goals and objectives, the emergency services agencies of the county to meet their needs, and the public to educate and inform the citizens about the 9-1-1- system.

FIRST ASSISTANT STATE’S ATTORNEY – Interprets and clarifies pending or enacted laws; advises government officials as to their implications; assists State’s Attorney in his/her duties in representing local unit in court cases or other legal matters. Prepares and supervises the preparation of legal documents.

SECOND ASSISTANT STATE’S ATTORNEY – Assists the State’s Attorney in representing the county in legal matters. Performs other duties as assigned.

HIGHWAY ENGINEER – Head of Highway Department. Responsible for all county road maintenance and development. Supervises other engineers and aides.

HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR – Maintain and enhance human resources by planning, implanting and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs and practices. Administer personnel policies and procedures in order for consistency among all county departments. Assist with all collective bargaining agreements. Administer benefit and compensation programs, including worker’s compensation and leave of absences. Establish compliance with all Federal and State Employment Laws.

IT DIRECTOR – Install, configure, and support local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and Internet systems. Monitor network to ensure network availability to all system users, and may perform necessary maintenance to support network availability. Monitor and test website performance to ensure website operates correctly and without interruption. Assist in network modeling, analysis, planning, and coordination between network and data communications hardware and software. Supervise IT support specialists. Administer network security measures.

MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR – Responsible for managing all aspects of the physical plants, and ensures that county owned facilities and its systems are operating correctly, safely and efficiently. Directly supervises and coordinates the activities of Assistant Facilities Services Manager, Maintenance Laborers, Custodians, Detainees (at the jail) and Contractors which may include Mechanics, Installers and Repairers.

PUBLIC DEFENDER – Appointed to defend indigent persons charged with criminal offenses.

SUPERVISOR OF ASSESSMENTS – Directs and supervises all staff and activities assigned to Assessment office. Supervises maintenance of records and completion of reports required by various state and county agencies. Serves as technical consultant in area of tax assessments. Develops and submits annual operating budget.

ACCOUNTING CLERK – Performs detailed recording and processing of financial and related data, utilizing accounting procedures. Requires high school bookkeeping and four years experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – Serves as an assistant to professional staff. Conducts and assists in implementing county goals and objections. May be an intern in some cases.

CHIEF DEPUTY CIRCUIT CLERK – Assists the Circuit Clerk to administer and supervise the day-to-day operations of the Circuit Clerk’s department, including processing legal documents, preparing dockets, issuing summons and warrants, in addition to routine duties of filing and processing all aspects of traffic cases.

CHIEF DEPUTY COUNTY CLERK – Assists the County Clerk to administer and supervise the day-to-day operations of the office, in addition to the ongoing duties of assisting to ensure proper elections and tax extensions. Issues licenses, files, records, indexes, keeps books and works with public.

CHIEF DEPUTY RECORDER – Assists in the direction, coordination and supervision of the activities in the office which is primarily responsible for the documentation and maintenance of all deeds, mortgages, maps, UCC, vital records and writings authorized by law to be recorded.

CHIEF DEPUTY SUPERVISOR OF ASSESSMENTS – Supervises and performs a variety of complex clerical duties in the maintenance of real property, and ensures taxes are billed correctly and on a timely basis.

CHIEF DEPUTY TREASURER – Performs administrative and fiscal tasks in assisting the Treasurer in processing and maintenance of taxes. Prepares financial records and reports.

CLERK – Entry level position. Performs clerical, typing, filing and posting work of routine nature.

EXECUTIVE/JUDICIAL SECRETARY – Maintains a close and highly responsible relationship to the day-to-day work activities of the chief administrative officer or other community officials. Other duties consist of responsibility for complex secretarial and stenographic work of a legal nature. Have a high degree of autonomy, and supervise lower level secretaries. Schedules court cases and plans caseloads for the judge.

FACILITIES SERVICES MANAGER – Responsible for managing all aspects of the physical plants. Ensures all county owned facilities and its systems are operating correctly, safely and efficiently. Directly supervises and coordinates the activities of Maintenance Laborers, Custodians, Housekeepers, Detainees (at the jail) and Contractors (which may include Mechanics, Installers and Repairers).

GIS COORDINATOR – Develops, implements, and operates a county-wide Geographic Information System (GIS). Promotes and coordinates the uses of GIS by County departments.

IT SUPPORT/IT ASSISTANT – Provides technical, operational and training support to clients and county employees. Installs, repairs, configures and maintains all office computers along with troubleshooting, identifying and resolving all hardware, software and network related problems.

LEGAL SECRETARY – Performs secretarial duties using legal terminology, procedures and documents. Prepares legal papers and correspondence, such as summonses, complaints, motions and subpoenas. May also assist in legal research.

PROBATION OFFICER – Assists probationers in solving behavior problems through counseling.

TAX EXTENSION SPECIALIST – Reviews and audits taxing districts for the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, along with receiving and logging financial reports, budgets, audits, levies, controller reports and bonds that must be filed with the county. Assists with clerical duties as needed.

VICTIM/WITNESS ASSISTANT – Reviews newly filed cases for information pertaining to each victim/witness; contacts each participant by phone and maintains good rapport. Locates missing or absent victims and witnesses and explains court procedures to them.

YOUTH OFFICER – Responsible for providing an investigatory component for dealing with the specialized requirements of juveniles that come into contact or require the services of the Sheriff’s office.

BUILDING INSPECTOR – Inspects buildings under construction, alteration of repair to ensure compliance with laws, ordinances and specifications. Interprets regulations and codes to builders and property owners.

CIVIL ENGINEER – Performs professional engineering work in connection with the design and construction of county and township highways, bridges and related projects.

CUSTODIAN/HOUSEKEEPER – Limited to cleaning, moving and other routine light maintenance. May also apply to employee who is responsible for carrying out skilled custodial work and housekeeping care within the nursing home.

ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN III – Under general supervision has charge of and supervises the work of a field survey party making preliminary location, construction, property, topographic and other engineering surveys.

EQUIPMENT OPERATOR – Operates all street or highway construction and maintenance equipment at the most experienced level. Considerable experience is required. This person may also function as the line foreman for a particular job.

HIGHWAY FOREMAN – Accountable for the maintenance of all county highway pavement bases and surfaces, right-of-way, bridge culverts and guardrails on the county highway system.

HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE PERSON – Under immediate supervision performs a variety of semi-skilled highway maintenance tasks; and, performs related work as required.

LABOR FOREMAN – Supervises activities of semi-skilled and unskilled workers engaged in labor projects, including construction, street maintenance or cleanup work.

LABORER – Performs a variety of unskilled manual laboring activities requiring physical strength and coordination. May use basic hand tools and limited power-driven equipment.

MAINTENANCE MECHANIC – Performs general building and equipment maintenance at the journeyman level. Works independently, and may supervise lower level staff. Has general responsibility for the safe and economic operation of equipment at a county facility.

MAINTENANCE WORKER I – Limited to light construction, cleaning and replacing parts on air-conditioners, furnaces, painting, light plumbing, et cetera.

MAINTAINER II – Accountable for the operation of large trucks used to haul various materials used in the maintenance of the county highway system and for hand-held labor required to maintain the roadway.

MECHANIC – Accountable for the servicing, maintenance and repair of heavy gasoline or diesel powered construction equipment, trucks, light equipment and cars.

NURSE RN – Provides home, nursing home and public clinic care within jurisdiction. Also responsible for disseminating information for public health education.

OPERATOR II – Responsible for the proper operation and routine servicing and checking of construction equipment.

SANITARIAN – Responsible for field inspection and office work in securing compliance with general environmental health practices and techniques.

BAILIFF – Performs security work by providing support for the efficient and secure operation of a courtroom.

CHIEF DEPUTY SHERIFF – Performs managerial and supervisory work to assist the Sheriff in the daily operations of the various divisions of the Sheriff’s department in the provision of law enforcement, corrections and civil process services. Assigns personnel to their positions, evaluates their work performance, instructs them in new and approved law enforcement methods, enforcing rules and regulations of the Department, and inspecting all activities. Ensures departmental operations are in compliance with local, state and federal laws, with departmental practices and procedures and with approved modern law enforcement methods.

COMMANDER – Performs a variety of supervisory, administrative and technical work in the supervision and administration of police patrol, investigation, traffic regulation and related law enforcement duties of a police patrol shift.

CONTROL ROOM OPERATOR – Monitors and operates electronic equipment in the County Jail facility.

COOK – Performs institutional cooking work involving the preparation of a large volume and variety of food. Prepares meat, vegetables and other foods, modifying meals to meet individuals’ diet requirements.

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER – Maintains security of jail and of persons incarcerated.

DEPUTY SHERIFF/CAPTAIN – Carries out administrative duties for the Sheriff’s department, and performs law enforcement duties for the purpose of enforcing county ordinances and state laws.

DEPUTY SHERIFF/INVESTIGATOR – Investigates cases for the Sheriff’s department.

DEPUTY SHERIFF/PATROL DEPUTY – Provides road patrol of county for the purpose of enforcing county ordinances and state laws.

DEPUTY SHERIFF/SERGEANT – Carries out duties as assigned by the Sheriff or Captain. Supervises patrol deputies and other officers.

DEPUTY SHERIFF/TELECOMMUNICATOR – Carries out communications functions of department to facilitate transmittal of information to road deputies. Also performs correctional officer functions.

SHERIFF LIEUTENANT (Peace Officer) – Most often represents second level of supervision and operational line support within the Sheriff’s office. Responsible for exacting proper conduct and duty performance of an assigned work unit.