Statewide Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey

Latest Published Version 2019


A survey of salaries and fringe benefits of elected officials and public employees is conducted by United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) on an annual basis. This survey is designed to assist county officials in the preparation of annual budgets, negotiation of labor contracts and similar personnel related tasks. 

The survey is broken into three sections …

  • County Statistics … population and budgetary data
  • Salary Schedules of elected officials and county employees
  • Fringe Benefits received by specific employee groups

Distribution of the final Salary Survey is the early part of March each year.

Participation in this survey is open to all 102 counties located within the State of Illinois.

Access to UCCI Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey/Executive Summary documents can be found below. 


UCCI has again partnered with Newport Group, a national compensation, retirement and benefits consulting firm, to be the third-party administrator for the 2019 Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey ... a survey which is designed to reveal key trends across a full range of compensation, health and welfare benefits programs.

Data collection for the 2019 Survey began in the fall of 2018, at which time an email invitation to participate was sent, by Newport Group, to all 102 counties in Illinois, providing all the details, as well as a link to the online salary survey questionnaire.  Counties had several months to complete the survey questionnaire.  The data submitted by counties from across the State of Illinois was then compiled and analyzed by Newport Group's compensation consultants in an Executive Summary, along with all information within the full report.

This annual Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey has been found to be a valuable and accurate resource to counties across the state during their budgeting process and collective bargaining negotiations.  Over 60 surveyed positions are again included in the 2019 questionnaire.  For your convenience, all position descriptors can be reviewed here

Counties that participated in the survey, as well as all UCCI member counties, have now received their complimentary print copy of the 2019 Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey document to have readily available for reference when needed.  Similar to last year, the 2019 Executive Summary and the full report are also posted on this website.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the 2019 Statewide Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey, please contact Elizabeth Endris, Associate Consultant for Newport Group, at 312-488-6726 or email her at


For your review and information, the 2019 Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey Executive Summary can be accessed below.  UCCI is confident you will find it both useful and thought-provoking as you evaluate your county's compensation and benefits programs.  Access to the 2019 full report is also available below to UCCI member county boards.

A copy of the full report can be purchased through the UCCI office, using this Printable Order Form.

 2019 Salary Survey EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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