Training & Education Programs

United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) strives to provide its members with informative and educational opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities take the form of membership meetings and educational seminars. During membership meetings, members are able to engage in exchanges of information with fellow members about topics currently confronting county governance or share stories of success in overcoming such challenges faced by their respective counties. Similarly, during educational seminars UCCI arranges for various organizations, experts, regulators, and officials to come and present to the membership on current topics of interest to county board members and officials. The presenters range from attorneys to state officials, and the topics they discuss span from appropriations to zoning.


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February 9 (12 PM CT) Digital Equity Basics for Illinois
Digital equity is a state in which all individuals and communities have the
information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society/democracy/economy.
Increasingly, digital equity is necessary for civic participation/employment/lifelong learning/access
to essential services such as healthcare. This session will focus on defining digital equity
and looking at the state of Illinois’ work thus far towards digital equity and its future goals.
Presented by: Dr. Adrienne Pickett (Illinois Broadband Lab)

January 17, 31 & February 14 (Interactive Webinar Series) (Virtually 12PM CT)
Attracting Rural Residents
These webinars build on the discussion regarding strategies to help rural communities as they change from losing population to maintaining or even gaining residents.
Co-hosts: Rural Partners/Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs/Illinois Farm Bureau
Association of Illinois Small & Rural Schools/Governor's Rural Affairs Council

February 15 (Free Zoom Webinar) (12 PM CT)
Intersect Illinois and Site Selection: A Review for Community Leaders
Intersect Illinois presenters will introduce you to some of the tools
used by professionals involved in the site-selection process,
to help county officials market their communities/regions in their best light.
Co-host: Rural Partners


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ICRMT Risk Management forms new law enforcement practice to support ICRMT members law enforcement liability and safety programs.  Read 'Announcement' here (February 2022)


No Regional Training Seminars are currently scheduled for 2022.

UCCI/ICRMT 2023 Schedule (TBD)

As part of our goal to serve our members, and in response to many requests, UCCI in partnership with Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT) offers additional educational seminars to our members and all other counties and units of government who will benefit from these programs.

The past practice of making these programs available at no charge to attendees, be they member or non-member, continues.

Past practice will be followed for any 2023 schedule, with each of the topics being presented on three different dates and locations, giving you the opportunity to attend on a day or location that works best with your schedule.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jake Peterson at 630-203-5234 or or Derek Madeira at 888-377-5845 or

The 2023 UCCI/ICRMT Seminar Schedule will be posted when dates and locations have been finalized.