Member Legal Opinions 2015

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2015 Opinion Description
January 7 Deputy Coroner or Deputy Sheriff Incompatible Office with County Board Member
January 8 Health Insurance
March 9 County Financial Obligations for Veterans' Assistance Commission
March 26 Office of the County Clerk Location
April 8 Conflict of Interest
May 11 County Board Enacting Ordinance to Legalize Certain Fireworks
May 12 Population Control Fund under the Animal Control Act
May 29 County Board Authority to Oversee County Board of Health
June 10 May a County Board Member Vote on Matters Involving a County Hospital, if the County Board Member has a Spouse Employed by the County Hospital
June 12 Is County Board Approval Required to Change the Office of Public Defender from Part-Time to Full-Time
June 25 Funding Additional Assistant Public Defenders
June 25 County Board Authority to Oversee Decisions of County Mental Health Board
July 10 County Board's Authority to Enforce Office Hours for Elected Officials
July 13 Bailiff - Incompatible Office with County Board Member
July 14 County Board Member Removal
July 14 Cell Phone Towers Close to Homes
July 24 Changes to the Salary of an Elected Official
August 27 Conflict of Interest - Abstentions from Voting
August 28 Demolishing Abandoned Homes/Intergovernmental Agreement
September 9 Intergovernmental Agreement Act
September 14 Can a County Hire an Attorney with the State's Attorney's Consent to Represent the County in Lawsuits and Labor Issues
September 16 Is a County Subject to the Restrictions of PTELL Required to Conduct a Referendum Prior to Levying the Veterans' Assistance Tax
September 16 What Authority does a County Board have over a Board for the Care of Persons with Developmental Disabilities "Developmental Disabilities Board" Established in the County
September 23 Member of County Board Serving on other Public Bodies
September 23 Confirmation of State Mandated Annual Township Meeting
September 23 County Water & Sewages to Rural Areas
September 23 Clarification of Section 11-2 of the Election Code ... Combining small precincts to save costs connected with election judges, voting machines/rental of voting facilities
September 24 Poker Runs that Cross County Lines Updated in light of Public Act 99-0405
September 24 May a County Pay a Per Diem Rate to the Board Member who is a Liaison to an Entity/Board, if the Entity/Board is Prohibited by Statute to Pay Members
September 29 County Board's Authority to Establish Courthouse Hours and Enforce Such Hours
September 29 Requirement of County to Provide each Judge a Secretary
September 29 Hotel/Motel Tax Collection and Use of Funds
September 29 Amendments to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act (IWPCA)
October 9 Decreasing Bridge Levy to Increase General Levy Without Referendum
October 13 Municipal Annexation of Territory to a Village or City within the County
October 20 Workers' Compensation
October 21 HB3104 - County Appropriation Process
October 27 Uner what Circumstances may a County Board Member's Seat be Declared Vacant Based on Absence from County Board Meetings
November 13 County Contract with Private Entity to Operate County Jail
November 13 Workers' Compensation - SUPPLEMENT to October 20, 2015 Opinion
November 18 May County Employees be Employed by two Statutory Offices
November 19 Whether Elected County Officials are "Employees" of the County and Eligible to Receive Insurance Benefits
November 23 Authority of a County Board Over Attendance Requirements for Non-County Board Members who Serve on County Committees
November 30 Can Municipality Impose a Tax on the Utility Bills of other Units of Local Government
December 2 Does the Open Meetings Act set forth the Procedure for Appointing a Chairman/Vice Chairman for Counties Not Under Township Organization (Commission form of Government)
December 8 Residency Time Period for County Board Members
December 29 Unknown Parcels of Real Estate by Recorder of Deed Offices