National Association of Counties (NACo)

NACo Knowledge Network

NACo’s entire virtual content collection is at your fingertips. With town halls, membership calls, webinars and live events, the NACo Knowledge Network is a virtual forum for county officials, federal, state and local partners, world-class thought leaders and allied organizations to connect and exchange information on issues that are important to counties and our residents.  
A schedule of upcoming events is available here.


NACo enables county leaders to expand knowledge, enhance skills and grow networks to more effectively serve residents.

Some of the most beneficial experiences offered by NACo include:

  • NEW High Performance Leadership Academy & Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy
    Affordable, online, 12-week programs designed to empower frontline county government professionals with fundamental, practical leadership skills.  More than 400 county officials have participated in these leadership academies, developed by NACo and the Professional Development Academy in partnership with Fortune 1000 executives, public sector leaders, world-renowned academics and thought leaders, including General Colin Powell.  Includes a one-time scholarship for the first participant from each NACo member county.
  • County Leadership Institute (CLI)
    A multi-day program hosted in Washington, DC, CLI strives to build upon the leadership of elected and appointed county officials through thought-provoking education focused on the adaptive leadership model. More than 250 county and state association leaders have participated in CLI.
  • Web-based Education
    Online, over 15,000 viewers annually enhance leadership skills through webinars on topics such as civility, crisis communications and building consensus.